Agritask Ltd Haylage and Straw Suppliers

    High Quality Horse Haylage Supplier across West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey

    We sell locally grown high quality Italian Rye grass, Lucerne/Alfalfa and meadow hay.

    All products are inoculated in eight layers of wrap available to collect or we also offer a delivery service.

  • Organic products are also available.

  • Analysis available on request.
  • Please phone 07540 873662 or email us for prices, delivery information and more details.

Multibale System and Baling Services

Agritask agricultural contracting and R.N. Sprackling Limited have joined forces to invest in a new baling system which make the handling of large bales simpler.

This multi-bale system for hay and straw offers economy of scale, combined with reduced wastage and improved easy mechanical handling when compared with traditional smaller bales. Each multi bale contains approximately 15 small bales and is divided by up to 8 individually tied segments.

Multibales can be handled using a sack trolley or large wheelbarrow and offer considerable financial savings -in the region of 30% when compared to traditional small bales.

We are able to bale and supply all grades of hay, from soft sweet meadow hay, seed hay, ley mixtures and seeds, through to Italian Ryegrass. We can also supply straw and haylage. Pleas phone for pricing and availability.

Please look at the range of services we offer and if you would like any further information please call us on 01243 374406